Recommended Suppliers icon - I have used and recommended ebuyer for many years. They're quite cheap and they have a very large inventory of computer bits. You can order stuff for next day deliver up to 11pm and orders over 50 get free shipping. Their prices are decent for most things and their help desk (08715213300 9 to 6pm) are, well, very helpful when you need them. A couple of my customers say they have had less than stellar service from them in the past although I've always found them to be very good, especially compared to some of the others, so YMMV! icon - Amazon, you've heard of them right?! You'd be hard pushed to find something they DON'T sell and the prices tend to be pretty amazing. The only place that's consistently cheaper is the mighty ebay BUT, if you shop online a lot, and are willing to fork out 50 a year for it, Amazon's prime service gives you free next day delivery on a significant number of their products which can offset the difference. The downside is their website is far from perfect, in particular they tend to return search results that don't have your keywords in and you have to "choose a department to enable sorting", problems which are only magnified by their vast inventory. You also can't specify "new only" (they also sell second hand products) and there's a whole host of other niggles but if you can suffer them they offer amazing value. icon - Never knowingly undersold. A 2 year warranty on most new laptops and the kind of customer service nobody else still does makes John Lewis a great place to buy electronics from. The catch to their price pledge is that don't keep nearly as wide a range of stock as the online retailers and even some other shops. That said the fact they have bricks and mortar shops where you can go and touch your prospective purchases and get help from their super helpful staff coupled with the 2 year standard warranty is worth a lot.
maplin electronics icon Maplin Electronics - If the above places don't do it for you then thank god there's Maplin Electronics - It ain't cheap and they're not even near (to where I live anyway) BUT if it's remotely connected to electronics THEY HAVE IT! And a whole load of other crazy products you don't know that you want yet!. Plus if you don't feel like schlepping miles across town they also have a website AND a traditional mail-order catalog thicker than the yellow pages. Click here to find your nearest physical store. icon - Hands down my favourite laptop shop in London - although their website can be a little flaky! They sell several brands but focus primarily on Toshiba which is good as they have a good claim to be the worlds most reliable laptop makers. Their prices are great and their staff are the best on Tottenham Court Road - very knowledgable, very friendly, no hard sell. I've taken a number of my clients there (I also do companion shopping don't you know!) and the advice they gave them was always first rate. This is the place to go if you prefer to patronise independent shops but don't want to forgo the cheap box shifter prices.
KVJ Fairdeal Ltd icon K V J Fairdeal Ltd - A fantastic blank media shop in Whitechapel (and now online at Very cheap for a high street shop; these guys sell pretty much any blank media you might want: DVDR, DVDRW, CDR, CDRW, 35mm Film, VHS, SVHS, MINI-DV, Hi8, VHSC, SVHSC, Digital 8 Cam, DAT, Micro DV, DV Cam, CF, USB Flash, MD, Audio Tape etc etc. All that AND a huge range of Batteries and Packaging / Cases. Oh and did I mention? They're really cheap! [view on map]
visionlink icon RIP - Vision Link - Casualty of the 08/09 credit crunch and Tesco's selling cheap tellys, they will be greatly missed :'(
Visionlink are my first stop when I've got something electronic to fix that's beyond me. They are very reasonably priced and friendly. Also, they won't always insist on an 'examination fee' just to have a look at something like many repair shops do, although when they do it's usually only a tenner! :-) Also they sell good cheap 2nd hand TV, Video/DVD & HiFi and have a useful array of new consumer electronics, adapters, blank CD/DVD, cables and other widgets. You will find them at 97, Stoke Newington High Street. [view on map] icon - If you use pens there is no better online shop! They're super fast, super cheap and their range is unparalleled.

Please note that I don't have any financial connection with the above suppliers other than my buying from them.