Onsite jobs are charged by the hour (rates below), half hour minimum. All repair work is no-fix no-fee and no obligation. The only exception is for liquid spillages: Often liquid damage is so severe its not worth the cost of repairing however it still takes me ages to disassemble the machine, clean it up and see if there's any hope for it so, if it's had stuff spilled into it I'm afraid there's a £30 non-refundable deposit! Callout jobs are billed half hourly, remote support jobs are billed per quarter hour from the start of the setup phone call.

Hourly rates.
Commercial Business£ 50 / hr
Non-Profit & Charity£ 40 / hr
Personal / Domestic£ 35 / hr
Unwaged (e.g. NUS, OAP, JSA)    £ 25 / hr
Callout charges
Postcodes E17Free!
Less than 2.5 miles£ 10
2.5 to 5 miles£ 20
Over 5 miles£ 5 / mile

Callout charge is calculated by the shortest distance from mine to yours by road according to Google maps (as opposed to as the crow flies) starting from E17 5BW. I cycle to the vast majority of jobs so unless you live a very long way from me or we need to move heavy objects about you needn't feel carbon guilty! ;-)

My hours are as follows. I do childcare and domestic stuff on Tues and Thurs, those days I might have chance to answer the phone but not much more than that - Joanna really keeps me on my toes! Out of hours callouts may be available for emergencies but I charge an extra £100 for them and some days, if I can't arrange short notice childcare, it may still involve you looking after my daughter while I fix your problem!

Monday10am to 9pm
Wednesday10am to 9pm
Friday10am to 9pm
Saturdaynoon til 6pm

Offsite jobs. These tend to work out significantly cheaper than the equivalent job charged hourly on-site. If you live within a mile or two of me (and the weather is not really awful) I'm usually happy to collect and deliver small items (portable hard drives, laptops etc) for free. Do note all these prices are for Windows computers, parts for Apple computers are usually much more expensive and they often take longer to fit so contact me for a quote.
Data Transfer and Recovery
Get your data moved, or if it's in trouble, recovered. Cost varies in proportion with how hard it is to get the data off your hard drive. Straightforward data transfer is £40 per disk/computer regardless of size. Recovery from damaged disks starts at £60 and can be as much as ££120 in difficult/severe cases.
£40 to £120
Economy Laptop Cleanout
Your laptop blasted with very high pressure air to blow the cobwebs out! If your overheating problem is caused by dust / blocked vents this is often a quick fix. Note: this is a pretty brute force approach! Although I have never managed to damage a laptop this way there is a small theoretical risk it could hurt it so if you're not comfortable with that then the next option is the one for you.
Laptop Full Strip and Clean
Your laptop fully stripped down, thoroughtly cleaned out by hand and regreased with top quality thermal grease. This is the best long term solution to overheating problems and is particularly recommended for machines with persistent heat issues, high end machines and machines with known heat problems such as the HP DV series.
Laptop Screen replacement
Replacement LCD laptop screens typically cost anywhere between £50 and £100 depending on the size you need (some rare models are more), they're much of a muchness to fit though so I charge a flat fee to fit them. Sometimes you can save a few quid by buying a second hand screen from ebay so let me know if you'd like me to take a look for one before quoting.
£50 + part
VHS to DVD/Digital transfer
Tape degrades over time so if you have anything important on tape still it would be a good idea to get it into a digital format ASAP. If you have quite a few to do ask about bulk discounts.

Call now for a quote or to make an appointment on 0208 806 5407.